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3 Months - Walking

This class uses fun ways to enhance the world around babies. Parent and baby continue to bond while baby develops core, neck and back strength as well as special awareness.

Lil Leapers

15 month - 3 yrs

This class is designed for parents, toddlers and a coach. Parents interact with their children while the coach teaches them development skills utilizing all the equipment. Class structure includes obstacle courses basic gymnastics skills, including forward roll, jumps, balance beam and bars. 

PreK Gym

3yrs - 5yrs

This class allows each Prek'er to reach their potential and grow in confidence. We walk them through each Gymnastics Progression on bars beam, vault and tumbling.


Kinder Gym

5 yrs - 7 yrs

This class is an introductory class to gymnastics for both boys and girls. As children grow so does their potential. Here they will learn fun and exciting new skills using floor routines, balance beam and bars.


Rec Gym

8 yrs+

Helping each child reach their goals and build confidence using the progressions of gymnastics. They will have the opportunity to be challenged on bars, beam, vault and tumbling.



6 yrs - 9 yrs | 10 yrs

This class is designed to help each child with their beginner to intermediate tumbling skills. This class focuses on strength and flexibility, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and round offs, handstands, back bends including front and back kick overs.